The Boston Techscene is Strong

There is so much activity in the tech sector in Boston that it’s hard to take it all in. Go to any tech networking event in town, and you’ll hear about another company you didn’t know existed. It’s so amazing & exciting.

But it’s hard to get your arms around it. A few of us wanted to make it easier. We figured we could accomplish a lot by simply making it visual, map all the companies that are in Crunchbase, and see what happens.

This is the result. And wow - it’s amazing what a map can reveal, eh?

Having now built it, we hope we can accomplish three things. First, we hope to strengthen the local tech scene by making it easier to find local connections. The shift of tech from Rt. 128 into the city is dramatic when you see this. It’s a key advantage Boston has over other tech areas. You can take the subway, bike, or even walk to a potential partner’s office - or to the local coffee house.

So when you look for your company, take the time to also find some others around you about which you didn’t know, or have been meaning to find. Then track down somebody in the company, and get in touch. Find a way to do business together. Refer a potential employee that you think is good but whom you can’t hire just now. Or, just go have beers. We guarantee serendipity will strike. After all, serendipity created this site.

Second, get the effin’ chip off your shoulder about Boston tech. We are Boston Tech Strong. Let’s now get to work and double our startup population in the next 5 years.

Third, we hope this helps City Hall (in all the respective cities shown here) understand the impact that the tech community is having on their city. Just look at the amount of capital being invested in tech, and the number of jobs created. Also, hopefully the cities can can use this info to plan, e.g. where to require carriers to put fiber for Internet startups, where to put new transportation stuff (like bike racks), etc.

This has been a volunteer effort. We’re sure there are things wrong. Here’s some things to know:

  • If your company isn’t listed, go check Crunchbase, and update your listing. We pull data from that site nightly, so check yourself here the next day.
  • If you still aren’t listed after that, use the Contact link and tell us. We’ll figure out what we’re missing, or tell you what to fix in your Crunchbase entry. Note that the Crunchbase team audits & approves all data adds or changes, and might be a cause for delays in updates appearing here.
  • If you know somebody who has a company that isn’t listed here, and should be, get them to create a new Crunchbase entry for their company.
  • Yeah, we know it’s isn’t easy to use this on Mobile yet. This is “MVP”, folks.

Finally, what ideas do you have about where this could go next? Should it be listing service for jobs (intern, or regular)? A meet up wiki? A party announcement space? A place to syndicate company press releases?

We’re doing this for free (now), but it’s good to get paid. Is there something you’d want us to do that you’d pay us for? Or, do you simply want to volunteer some coding effort to add your idea to it and make this an entirely community-coded, open source project?

Again, use the contact link & tell us.

Finally, I (Jay) want to thank the other three guys involved. Ted Healey is an old friend, and has provided early buy-in, plus code & ideas. Ryan Tremaine is a new friend, and has been our Rails God. And Ryan Johnson is an extra-new friend, and provided a beautiful UX / design, which I think is a core requirement these days in tech. Thanks for your hard, volunteer work to implement this idea, guys.

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